To je naša pesem…

We are Walking Prayers
Angels leave love letters in our palms
Our hands speak Scripture
We are Life Givers meant for Sacred Work

We build bodies in our bodies
Babies born of our daydreams who will one day tell our stories
We tend to them in back seats and bathroom stalls
Lullabies and love hymns, we pray over them
“May they be safe, may they be strong
May they be safe, may they be strong”

This is our song

Our Mother, Sister, Daughter, Woman, Warrior song
We wear wounded hearts like badges of courage
Carrying the weight of the world on each shoulder
Collecting lessons in battle scars
We are Peace Treaties
Our hips the framework for families
The foundation for Gods magic takes tangible form
Future generations depend on the resilience of our bodies
And what will we tell them

When boys owning tree houses grow up to be boys owning governments
Boys who have forgotten their first home was their Mothers womb
Took their first breath in the embrace of Her Arms
We must remind them
From our Breasts you were fed,
We are Shelter, We are Vessel
Our Wombs are Holy Ground

So violating a Woman is a violation against God
A sin against yourself, Karmic Suicide
We are Sacred Geometry, Divine Pyramids and Astrology
Not to be thrown away like pearls to swine
Meant to be honored not objectified
We were not always swayed by billboards beckoning from boulevard rooftops
Photo shopped glam shots, night clubs, and hot spots
Skylines laced with man-made messages
Morphing our self-images into warped anorexic fantasies
A gender biased consumer agenda has us grooming for Days
Eyebrows threaded, make-up applied, hair done, legs shaved, bikini waxed,
Push-up bra, high heels intact, and we will never get those hours back

Our reflection is not in red-carpet, main-street, movie stars
It is in the Night Sky
The Moon’s soft mirror glows somewhere just past Mars
Woman are the Heart Beat of the World
We are Regal
We are Legacy
Mary brought Jesus through
Jochebed brought Moses through
Aminah brought Muhammad through
Isis brought Horus through
Harriet Tubman brought hundreds through
We are Warriors

Our love is infinite
Our voices are made of light
Our hearts, our harbor,
Our songs far and long
We are every continent, every smoke signal and psalm,
Every prayer, every element,
Day and Night
We are Earth, Air, Water, Sunlight
Let us celebrate ourselves
Be our own heroes
Rewrite the fairy tales
So Sleeping Beauty wakes her own damn self-up,
Slays the dragon, looks at herself in the mirror and says
“Princess, I found you!”